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I suck at design!


Somehow, I think my education really let me down. I’ve learned a lot about physics, math, science, and all around hackery… but I have yet to learn anything around building something truly beautiful. How do you do that? Sadly, I think this was the most beautiful thing I’ve created… and it never even made it into a real product.

CAD is Perfect… but it’s not Engineering!


Have you ever had a mechanical designer say to you “I don’t understand why it doesn’t work… the CAD looks right!?” I have! And it raises an interesting point that is repeatedly ignored. CAD is an amazing tool that can help you predict how a product will turn out… but it doesn’t replace REAL ENGINEERING!

Just to put it into perspective, a coworker of mine came up to me and asked me who ‘The Engineer’ was on a particular project we both were working on… I said, “I am”. Then she said, “No no – The Engineer… The ElectricalEngineer” as if it were a higher calling! Let me think… I designed the hardware, circuit, and wrote the program… but because I’m a ‘mechanical ‘guy’ I wasn’t considered the engineer. Needless to say, that really stuck with me. It brought back all of those late nights of studying and working my way through my degree only to get disregarded by a high school drop out.¬†We design real things… and this has two drawbacks. Continue reading

Technical Guides

Technical Guide Library

No matter your experience, you cannot know everything. I’ve learned this the hard way despite my best efforts. The truth of it is that a huge volume of information exists and access to that information is faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before. We used to depend on certain people, and pay them a lot of money, because they were the ‘gatekeepers’ of this knowledge. Now, it’s almost come full circle because the knowledge is free and available, but we are now willing to pay for new ‘gatekeepers’ to filter, digest, and condense this knowledge into an accurate, simple to understand package that will get us moving forward quickly. This is becoming more true as the “Lean Start-Up” methodology has picked up momentum. With this thought in mind, take a careful look at the technical guide library I’ve built and continue to develop. This doesn’t have all your answers, but it can give you just enough information to start asking the right questions.

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Thanks You for the Responses!


We had a great response for the survey! A surprising result was that most people don’t take baths. That may knock out the tub fill feature for now, but I know that my wife (Lizzie) will make sure that it gets in there at some point. After all, that’s really the only feature she wanted. At any rate… Thanks again and we’ll keep you up to date as we progress.