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CAD is Perfect… but it’s not Engineering!


Have you ever had a mechanical designer say to you “I don’t understand why it doesn’t work… the CAD looks right!?” I have! And it raises an interesting point that is repeatedly ignored. CAD is an amazing tool that can help you predict how a product will turn out… but it doesn’t replace REAL ENGINEERING!

Just to put it into perspective, a coworker of mine came up to me and asked me who ‘The Engineer’ was on a particular project we both were working on… I said, “I am”. Then she said, “No no – The Engineer… The ElectricalEngineer” as if it were a higher calling! Let me think… I designed the hardware, circuit, and wrote the program… but because I’m a ‘mechanical ‘guy’ I wasn’t considered the engineer. Needless to say, that really stuck with me. It brought back all of those late nights of studying and working my way through my degree only to get disregarded by a high school drop out. We design real things… and this has two drawbacks. Continue reading

Auto-Clutch Concept 1-1

This clutch is designed to engage and disengage a motor from a shaft (not shown). The triangular lobes are attached to the outer ring through a living hinge. As the outer ring is driven by a belt, the lobes flex toward and lock onto the shaft. The idea behind it works, but unfortunately it doesn’t for my application. The shaft also translates and this clutch requires ‘grounding’. I use the term grounding to refer to the physical attachment of the inner ring, not an electrical characteristic.

SolidWorks World 2013 – Video Presentations

Okay… there are some great resources for improving your SolidWorks skills. However, if you feel that youtube tutorials are hit and miss… and the depth of knowledge is safe for a 1yr old to swim in… then check out the presentations through the link below or in the sidebar.

My only complaint is that their video software stinks and I have to reload the page multiple times before I can get the whole video to buffer, but the content is still really good!

Check it out!

SolidWorks World 2013 – Presentations & Videos