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Trial & Error

If you’re starting out and intimidated by how good other people’s projects look… the truth is that they started someplace too. Just to press this topic a little further, here’s my first try at… eagle CAD, OSH park, and soldering SMD components!

First Try

The green and yellow ‘budge’ wires were my attempt to fix the problems… needless to say, there were too many to save this board. Actually, the power LED and fuse were the only Continue reading

Thermal Sensor #3

Board loaded… begin debug!


At first I was getting some really odd values coming from the thermal sensor. There were two issues at play .

  1. Loose leads
  2. Voltage source

First, I kept getting erratic spikes and couldn’t read the voltage coming out of the sensor. At this point I was only using a Digital Multi-Meter. I thought I might have bad Continue reading

Button Box for Christmas

Button Box

My wife had asked me to build a board or box with a bunch of levers, locks, handles, and doors for my two boys. I’ve always thought that it was a good idea, I’m just not that interested in things completely mechanical. So, I decided to build a button box that did essentially what my wife wanted while also being engaging enough for me to work on.

I did some quick google searches for such boxes, and found two. I was pretty shocked that I only found two, but I did find a lot of people who wanted to build this. It turns out that most people either didn’t have the time or the task became too overwhelming. Fortunately, I’m all about simplicity and I had a hard deadline!

Continue reading

Projects: Overview


There’s been a lot in the news about green energy. Many companies have even cropped up around this premise. The truth of it is that we are sooo wasteful, that ‘harvesting energy’ is not as difficult as it sounds. You just need to look at things a little more creatively.

For example, recently I was asked to cool down a product that our customers handle a lot. It really is too hot to be handling all of the time. So, I tried the typical approaches first.

  1. Redesigned heat sink with optimum fin spacing to allow more airflow
  2. Increased surface area within reason for manufacturability.
  3. Added heat spreading material

But none of them seemed to do the trick when I prototyped them. Continue reading