Thermal Sensor #1

Thermal Board with Arduino

Here’s the problem… I need a temperature reading on almost all of my  projects. Unfortunately, most of the off-the-shelf solutions are not as refined as I need them (example – SparkFun’s TMP102 breakout board).

Sparkfun TempBoard

These solutions are simple and inexpensive, but it only had a resolution of 0.0625C. That may sound great, but I want to be able to fully resolve the first decimal place (0.0X). And with this resolution, the temperature increments would skip from:

  • 0.0000
  • 0.0625
  • 0.1250
  • 0.1875
  • 0.2500

There’d only be two measurements per (0.X) decimal places… and that’s not good enough!

So I built this one that uses a separate thermal sensor and ADC. This way, you can stick the thermal sensor wherever you need it and not have to try to fit the board with it. Also, the ADC has 16 bits of resolution! This comes out to 0.00346C of resolution! That means this one will skip from:

  • 0.00000
  • 0.00346
  • 0.00692
  • 0.01038
  • 0.01384
  • 0.01730
  • … (a lot more)
  • 0.09688
  • 0.10034

This will give me 30 measurements per (0.X)! Now we’re talking! Now I have a temp sensor that will be refined and flexible enough to work with all of my projects.


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