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Technical Guides

Technical Guide Library

No matter your experience, you cannot know everything. I’ve learned this the hard way despite my best efforts. The truth of it is that a huge volume of information exists and access to that information is faster, cheaper, and easier than ever before. We used to depend on certain people, and pay them a lot of money, because they were the ‘gatekeepers’ of this knowledge. Now, it’s almost come full circle because the knowledge is free and available, but we are now willing to pay for new ‘gatekeepers’ to filter, digest, and condense this knowledge into an accurate, simple to understand package that will get us moving forward quickly. This is becoming more true as the “Lean Start-Up” methodology has picked up momentum. With this thought in mind, take a careful look at the technical guide library I’ve built and continue to develop. This doesn’t have all your answers, but it can give you just enough information to start asking the right questions.

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