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Auto-Clutch Concept 1-1

This clutch is designed to engage and disengage a motor from a shaft (not shown). The triangular lobes are attached to the outer ring through a living hinge. As the outer ring is driven by a belt, the lobes flex toward and lock onto the shaft. The idea behind it works, but unfortunately it doesn’t for my application. The shaft also translates and this clutch requires ‘grounding’. I use the term grounding to refer to the physical attachment of the inner ring, not an electrical characteristic.

Thanks You for the Responses!


We had a great response for the survey! A surprising result was that most people don’t take baths. That may knock out the tub fill feature for now, but I know that my wife (Lizzie) will make sure that it gets in there at some point. After all, that’s really the only feature she wanted. At any rate… Thanks again and we’ll keep you up to date as we progress.